Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Would you believe...

Location: London, England

Did I ever tell you how cool this job is? Only my 2nd day on a new work placement, and I'm already unable to get over how much I love doing what I do (or rather trying to do).

I shadowed a journalist in the office, following him to a press conference in the City. At the end of it, we're all handed goody bags, and as I peer inside mine, I see a Sony PSP box. I think to myself cautiously, "No...cant be." I overhear someone saying, "Ah yes, they're just empty boxes filled with cookies." There you go. It's just cookies...

As we're walking to the tube station, i overhear one journalist say to another, "Not bad hey? PSPs...Cant wait to go home and play on mine". My hands start trembling and my eyes grow wide. I have a Sony PSP in my hands??? Nooooo! Alone on the tube, and unable to hold my patience any longer, I rip open the goody bag, and lo and behold, IT REALLY IS A SONY PSP!!!

I could keep doing this unpaid placement forever like this....so long as I get my freebies. One to brighten each day of the week!